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kinnon —  May 28, 2006 — 1 Comment

On Monday, we begin our Script Writing Course. For the first week, we will work on correcting some of the simple writing errors we all suffer from. One of the best books for this (and one that I was turned on to by Wizard Academy’s Jeff Sexton) is Rene Cappon’s Guide to News Writing. (ISBN: 0028637550) We’ve brought over ten copies for the students to use during the course. Although I often don’t practice what Cappon preaches (see my previous post), I love these "precepts":

Consider them a charm against the legion of devils that will forever try to turn prose into slush:

  • Prefer the short word to the long
  • Prefer the familiar word to the fancy
  • Prefer the specific word to the abstract
  • Use no more words than necessary to make your meaning clear.

Imbi and I are excited to be teaching this course. We’ve brought a number of texts to help us – including books like Accidental Magic from Wizard Academy Press, David Freeman’s Creating Emotions in Games (David uses a lot of material from his Beyond Structure course in his book), Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell, Reel Spirituality from Robert Johnson and others.



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  1. A professor of mine would remind us of Eccl. 6:11 (NIV) when it comes to editing our writing.

    Sound like you having fun doing good!

    Thanks for listing your sources – those are titles I was not aware of…and now to find them.

    Keep creating,


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