Relationship 2.0

kinnon —  May 2, 2006 — 4 Comments

Ed Brenegar points to this article from Greg Balanko-Dickson, Relationship 2.0 and Why Link Love is Dying.

As the Internet has grown, matured, and developed into an easy to use publishing platform. Adoption among what I will label the ‘relationship geeks’ is rapidly gaining momentum. These are people who are highly social, connected, networked, and naturally warm.

What makes them distinct from the technical geeks is their emphasis on the ‘relationship’. Information is important to them but secondary to building a relationship and connecting with real people. They use the Internet as a tool to reach out through email, blog comments, and tools like Skype and

Blogs, Podcasts, and Social Bookmarking tools all have one thing in common – they are relationship and network dependent. Each uses information differently but with the same goal in mind – connecting with real people, building relationships, and being a part of a network.

As I see this fitting into the Generous Web meme, I do want to spend time writing about it. However, I’m up to my eyeballs in work and will have to suggest you read Ed’s post – and the entire post and comments @ Greg’s site.

I also find this an interesting discussion to read whilst reading Daniel Henninger’s Disinhibition column from two Friday’s ago in the WSJ Opinion Journal. Where Henninger sees “Consumer Generated Media” as a way to publicly share our once hidden neuroses (and he doesn’t see this as a good thing), Balanko-Dickson sees this world,

characterized by people exploiting technology to help them connect, relate, and network. They use technology to build relationships and make connections – other than being a tool to help them connect with other people with similar interests – technology has no meaning to them.

I tend to think Greg has a better handle on this virtual world, than does Daniel. (But then again, Greg never talks about internet cannibals.)

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4 responses to Relationship 2.0

  1. Bill: thanks for the mention of the Generous Web meme here. I gotta ask, what are Internet Cannibals?

  2. Greg, read the Disinhibition piece I link to in the third paragraph from the end. Henninger begins his column with a blogger who wanted to be or was a cannibal.

  3. Hey Bill, thanks for heads up. Strikes me as a typical media ploy to garner attention. 🙁


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