The Verdant Green Land

kinnon —  May 19, 2006 — Leave a comment

We arrived on a BA flight to London very early this morning – wheels touching down at about 6:15AM. Our bags showed up on the baggage belts at 8:15. (Ahh, the joys of British efficiency – In fairness, we were told the plane loading doors were frozen.) Our dear friends had arranged a cab for us – the driver was still waiting two hours after we should have appeared. (Ahh, the reliability of the Brits.)

In spite of a supposed drought in the UK (which I think just means it only rains 30 times a week), the British country side was a gorgeous verdant* green as we drove to Guildford, where we’ll be until next Wednesday morning. BA then takes us on to our final destination of this trip, Nairobi. At my friend, Ed’s, encouragement, I will fill you in on our reason for the trip in a later post.

My body tells me it’s noon, the clock says it’s five – I will attempt to write a more substantive post later. Either tonight, or tomorrow morning. (Sleep was limited on the flight as I had a rambunctious ten year old behind me who thought my seat was to be kicked throughout the night.)


*as the root of this word is the latin for green – it’s really like saying “green green”, which brings to mind an old Tom Jones song…but I won’t go there.

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