Wearable 42″ Display

kinnon —  May 9, 2006 — Leave a comment

Lay back on your couch. Position your head where you are most comfortable and see that 42″ perfectly positioned for your viewing pleasure.

MiragescreenglassesIsraeli Tech Company, Mirage Innovations has created a wearable display that is purportedly comfortable and less nausea-producing than competitive systems. And it makes you feel like you’re watching a 42″ television display from seven feet away. I told my TV Production students in 2002 (in Nairobi) that we would see these systems in three years. I was off by a year.

Mirage is looking to partner with portable video player manufacturers to license their LightVu™ technology. These “glasses” should prove to be very interesting.

[via: PSFK]

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