A Beautiful Idaho High Desert Day in spite of the ECUSA

kinnon —  June 21, 2006 — Leave a comment

The sun bursts over the Boise Ridge early in the high desert of Idaho. We are staying about 12 minutes outside of Eagle, ID, a commuter suburb of Boise.

The Allelon-Brian McLaren conference has been thought-provoking – even if our thoughts (Imbi’s and mine) are jumbled by jet lag. I will attempt to write a conference review at it’s end, tomorrow.

Have been reading NT Wright, Bishop of Durham on the Choice before The ECUSA. Sad times ahead for the Anglican Communion and it’s relationship with ECUSA and I dare say we will begin to see a formalized split coming soon in the US. Property battles will be the next phase as the Empire ECUSA refuses to let the land go with the churches attempting to stay true to the Anglican Communion. Very sad.

Some links: (via BHT)
Boston Tea Party (Times UK Online)

Bishop Bob Duncan (Statement)
Defiance (BBC)

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