A Wonderful Day Teaching

kinnon —  June 8, 2006 — 1 Comment

Today was one of those days that makes it all worthwhile. I’d taught the students about character development in script writing, yesterday (borrowing David Freeman’s Character Diamond as part of the teaching.) We had our student’s watch Narnia at the end of yesterday’s class.

Imbi spent the morning with our class unpacking the character diamonds of each of the characters, the character arcs of each – and the different levels the movie works on. (It’s obvious Christ-Story as well as the allegory of WWII.) Our students were totally into the process and “got it.” Which is very gratifying.

I taught on dialogue – and then had them all write a short two person dialogue. They all were reasonably good. We were again impressed.

Tomorrow we will cover script layout (film style vs commercial/industrial style) and then I’ll spend the rest of the day talking about interview techniques for documentary production.

Production Update:
Earlier this week, Imbi scouted our Beacon of Hope location for our shoot next week, and I’ve already begun shooting the Daystar CMT video that I’ll edit in Canada. (The Beacon of Hope video I’ll cut before I head home. I’ve got FCP on my laptop and I’m traveling with an external fast firewire drive.) I’m shooting the CMT video in HDV 1080/60i (as it is aimed primarily at a North American audience) and the Beacon of Hope video will be shot Standard Definition DV in PAL. That’s one of the advantages of the Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera – it’s multi-format, multi-standard capability.

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