Back in Toronto…Sort Of

kinnon —  June 25, 2006 — Leave a comment

We are finally back in Toronto…at least for a couple of weeks. We head back to Boise two weeks today for another Allelon conference.

This was an interesting week. Attending a conference while jet-lagged would not be my recommendation. However, the Missional Leadership conversation is both intriguing and, I believe, critical for the church in the 21st Century. Brian McLaren played a key role in the conference, but the real story took place amongst those who chose to really participate in the interactive nature of the four days in Eagle, ID. Al Roxburgh and Pat Keifert were masterful in their leading and the conference attendees we interviewed (on videotape) were excited by what they’d learned in the interactive sessions.

It was great to meet people like Steve Taylor (e-mergent Kiwi) and Chris Erdmann (Oydssey) who turn out to be just as real as their blogs would suggest. Steve is great fun with a wonderful wit – even if he had to put up with my warped Canadian sense of humour and the impossibly difficult to understand Canadian accent. (Note that Scot McKnight reviews Steve’s book here.) Chris brought three of his team members with him, modeling what part of the conference was about. A very nice man and a great interview subject.

The Boise area is more beautiful than I’d antipated (which is probably why 20,000 people moved there last year) and I look forward to exploring more of the area with Imbi in a couple of weeks.

One of the things Imbi and I did while in Boise was shoot interviews for Allelon and for Al Roxburgh’s new book, The Sky is Falling. It’s a great book. Order it here. The interviews should be cut together in the next 2 weeks. I’ll let you know when they are up.

Oh, and the "sort of" in the title is that I’m actually about an hour north of the city at our cottage (although I did drive back to the city today to deposit our middle child, Rylan, at the airport – I’m getting rather tired of airports).

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