End of the Last Week in Nairobi

kinnon —  June 16, 2006 — Leave a comment

Our weeks here in Kenya rapidly fade to black. We’ve been saying goodbye to good friends, wishing we weren’t leaving quite this soon.

Our day began yesterday with me shooting footage of the Nairobi Daystar campus. Imbi and I also interviewed the Vice-Chancellor of the University (equivalent to a President) about the changes that have taken place since we were last here. Imbi then drove Shiko (the woman laughing on the left in the picture below) and I about 40 km south of the city on the notorious Mombasa Road to Daystar’s Athi River campus. Hot, dusty and beautiful, (the campus, not me) I shot about an hour’s worth of footage of this location. (All the shooting has been in HDV.)

Our day ended with a fabulous meal at the Radnichs, good friends of ours since I first met them here in 2001.
Imbi and feel our teaching has been successful. The students write much better than when we first arrived. They’ve learned the power of surprising Broca, grasped the concepts of plot, structure and the 3-Act narrative, created good story arcs and character arcs, and embarked on the journey to finish their first hour long script. We look forward to seeing their finished production.

Next week they begin working on production techniques with a local lecturer. In the course of the next three weeks, they will learn how to shoot their production…and then will actually shoot it. Three weeks next Monday, the class begins the post-production course – where they will learn how to finish the work they began in our class.

Today we will wrap up our teaching, celebrate with a little party for our students (and watch a couple of episodes of House – they are all addicted now) and then head out to Jomo Kenyatta Airport this evening. Our feet should be on Canadian soil around 3pm tomorrow – 27 hours after our journey begins from our flat here in Nairobi.

I’ll have much more to say on our trip and Kenyan impressions when I’m back in North America. (We leave for Boise, Idaho on Sunday morning.)

And as Garry has requested, I’ll have a bunch of pictures up @ Flickr.

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