A MacBook Joins the Family

kinnon —  July 19, 2006 — 3 Comments

TorontoapplestoreRylan went to the beautiful Yorkdale Apple Store with his brother, Liam and purchased a MacBook this evening – using his newly acquired University of Toronto student card to get the Educational Discount. He’s a happy camper. He spent his hard earned dollars (if you consider driving a water taxi for a marina, hard work) on the 2Ghz White model with the 80GB HD and 1GB of RAM. “Smokin'” as one Mask wearing fellow might say!

The original plan had been for me to give Ry my 15″ Aluminum and I would trade up to a MacBook Pro. But my 15″ is acting much too strange to give to anyone (it’s once again only recognizing one memory slot and Firewire no longer works on it) – but fortunately I have five months of warranty still left. Best to let Ry go with a new unit. My plan is to add a new desktop Mac with a Core Duo when they are launched – and I’ll keep this old 15″ going for as long as it will go – as my mobile computer. I’ve used it as my main computer for almost three years. And, hey, the backlit keys are still pretty cool.

So there are now four Mac Laptops in the Kinnon household. The Titanium G4/400 that Imbi uses (and has never given us any trouble), my 1.25Ghz PB 15″, Liam’s beautiful 12″ 1.5 Ghz PowerBook (still my all time favourite PB) and the new MacBook. Add to that a G4/800 desktop, five different iPod variations (including the Nano that was part of the educational deal that Ry got) and a 9500 with G4 upgrade in it – and we have a host of Apple products in this house. (Yet the boys run Nuendo and Soundscape on a PC. Go figure.)

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3 responses to A MacBook Joins the Family

  1. I’m now saving up for Logic pro or Logic express though. So my days of PC recording could be coming to a close.

  2. I caught one of the Kinnon Lappys at a show the
    other night. Was it the new one? I didn't get to chat with it after the show as all the ladies were flocking to
    it. It really held down the fort providing a rock solid rhythm section, with killer drums and and excellent bass
    grooves. The vocals and guitar were a little sloppy in comparison, but the humanoids had better dance moves.


  3. Bill,

    I have a 15″ PowerBook and a 12″. I agree on the 12″. It is a fantastic and fun little laptop. Hands down my favorite computer I’ve owned to date.


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