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kinnon —  July 9, 2006 — Leave a comment

If you read this blog on a regular basis, then you know I’m a Kathy Sierra fan. Well, I have to confess that after her last blog post of June 19th, I was a little concerned with her extended blog absence. Early last week, I even googled her to make sure that nothing was wrong. (Yes, perhaps I’m an obsessive fan. I’ll discuss it with my spiritual director.)

On Friday, she came back. Thankfully. Seems she took a holiday. Go figure.

Changing the User Experience Without Changing the Product is another in a long line of great posts.

In the coming weeks I’ll talk about other ways people are giving users a higher-res experience, but today is about Live Events. But does it have to be live? There are obviously a zillion ways to host virtual events. But the brain guys (and most of us feel this instinctively) say face-to-face matters in important ways–ways not yet replicated by technological communication, so I think we should at least consider ways in which we can connect with our users (or connect users to other users, at least) in the old analog way.

You’ll probably want to stay tuned…to Kathy, that is.

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