Kayak Revolution

kinnon —  July 31, 2006 — 2 Comments

My back is a little sore this morning. It would seem that my attempt at exercise yesterday was a little too exuberant.

Imbi and I decided to kayak around a chunk of our island. The lake was relatively calm, save for the wake caused by idiots in their cigarette boats who thought it fun to zoom around the island – burning fuel at a rate of around 2 miles per gallon. But their long-term madness only momentarily disturbed our pleasure.

Banana Tomato Kayaks-1There’s a revolution happening on the water. Personally-powered boats are surging in sales, as boomers and their children get out of their power boats and get a lot closer to the water – and kayaks lead the surge. At one point yesterday morning, there were six kayaks within a hundred feet of each other. And the two-person kayak in that traffic jam, even carried a puppy.

We bought The Tomato and the The Banana at the end of the season last year from the Muskoka Paddle Shack – a new business with one location. This year they have three locations. I may just drop into their Toronto location today as I’m in town doing business. A friend showed me new paddles that will increase the speed of our kayak…if my back can take it.

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2 responses to Kayak Revolution

  1. Kayaking is great stuff but we still don’t have any at out cottage yet. Perhaps I’ll watch for those end of season sales. Gee, with all this exercising stuff you might be interesting in taking up mountain biking. We’re enjoying a great vacation at the cottage until the August long weekend and the weather has been very hot. Great for hanging out at the dock and enjoying the lake.

  2. Garry,
    I’ll save the mountain bike for the inside path on Snake Island, thank you very much. I’m up here at the cottage for the rest of the summer – surrounded by computing power. I’ve decided to edit from here. Air conditioning might have been a good idea.


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