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kinnon —  July 16, 2006 — 6 Comments

Steve McKoy pointed to this interesting article from the Houston Chronicle. The paper’s take on Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual tour of parts of the US.

Before an audience of about 350 that ranged from teens to seniors, he just talked. There were no lights, no music, no drama, no special effects.

It’s an endeavor — a Michigan pastor spouting forth in a Houston nightclub — that might border on "utter foolishness," Bell said.

"I’m trying to crank up the risk factor," Bell said. "I don’t want to rest on ‘Hey, the band was good, the guy had nothing to say.’ This thing either works or it crash lands."

So far, it has worked well enough that Bell has sold out most of the shows in his 24-city tour dubbed Everything Is Spiritual. Traveling in a tour bus with his wife and two sons, the 35-year-old pastor started June 30 in Chicago and will end July 29 in Indianapolis after a trek including California, Georgia and New York.

Rob’s tour appears to be in support of his book, Velvet Elvis  – with his publisher hosting the official website of the tour.

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6 responses to Rob Bell – the Bar Tour

  1. My wife and I, along with my bro&sis-in-law, bought tickets, drove 2 hours, sweat a few gallons in a tin-covered air condition-less country ballroom, and were treated with a lackluster sound system to hear Rob Bell speak last Friday.

    So worth it.

    I validate it by the probing conversations later at the hotel and on the road the next day.

    His style is so captivating, but the content is even more engaging.

  2. DUST Brother,
    We’ve been tempted to drive over to Grand Rapids – just to experience his preaching in person. I often download his sermons. And yet there are folk in the blog world who question whether he’s a believer. Go figure!

  3. Dustin,

    I drove two hours to the same gig; brought 17 teenagers (ranging from 15 yrs. to 19 yrs.); sweat like a pig in the midst of a bunch of sweaty pigs!; and thoroughly enjoyed the message. I was afraid my 9th graders were going to complain all the way home, but they thought it was good, and talked about it for the next two hours! Go figure.

  4. Bill, we have a tendency to eat our own young. Pity that.

    PT, kinda wild that we were in that small venue together only to unknowingly connect on this blog a few days later. You may have even seen me frantically fanning our 7 week-old son throughout the presentation.

  5. I just love to introduce Americans to each other. What else are Canadians good for, after all.

  6. Stand up comedians and beer.

    Oh, I’m sorry… was that rhetorical?


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