Would Someone Please Tell…

kinnon —  July 5, 2006 — 1 Comment

…the Italian-Canadians out on St. Clair Ave (and their loud compatriots staggering down Glenholme) to go to bed. It was just a game, people. Grown men kicking around a little white ball. Grown men who are paid staggering amounts of money…to kick around a little white ball. Into a really big net. Like how hard can that be. Except they spent 90 minutes missing the net – and had to go into overtime – and now these people are out on the street keeping me awake. Its after 1AM. Don’t you people have jobs! Enough with the car honking. Enough with the car horn theme from the Godfather. (I mean, was Don Corleone a football soccer fan.) GO TO BED.

(Here are some shots from earlier in the evening as the noise making began. Taken with my Sony Ericsson S710A phone – when I still thought the celebrations were cute.)

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  1. OK – so how late you going to be up tonight? I think it’ll be later!


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