5 Leadership Myths from Ed Brenegar

kinnon —  August 24, 2006 — 3 Comments

From Ed:
Myth # 1: I’m in control.
Myth #2: A Strategic Plan will save us.
Myth #3: Change is temporary.
Myth #4: All we need to do is get buy-in from our key contributors.
Myth #5: We’ve brought in some experts to write our plan. They’ll find the new money we are looking for.

Read Ed’s post, and then download the graphics he’s created to explain why these are myths. (BTW, as much as I love Ed, he’s no graphic artist! The graphics do work as communication aids… but enough with the red and blue, already!)

UPDATE: (After Ed’s and my Point/Counterpoint in the comments.) Ed, and the rest of us need to read this post from Presentation Zen, Cleaning up our act.



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3 responses to 5 Leadership Myths from Ed Brenegar

  1. OK. So its bad art. I know. They aren’t PowerPoint presentations. They are works in progress.

  2. Points for the fact they aren’t PPT. Great content. And who said anything about art… 🙂

  3. Ok. They are scribbles in search of coherence. Here’s the dilemma. I’m not trying to communicate one idea disconnected from the rest of my points. The point is that they need to be seen in reference to each other. Still trying to figure out how to present this.


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