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kinnon —  August 11, 2006 — 2 Comments

Gideon Strauss is one of my regular blog reads as I mentioned in the post below. I was introduced to his blog via our friends the Chaplins.

Last night, the Chaplins had a going away get together at their lovely Toronto home as they prepare to leave for the more august realm of Cambridge, England. Gideon and his wife Angela were at the party and we had a chance to meet in the “real world” and talk about other friends we share in Jo’burg and Los Angeles. It is a truly small world.

Here’s a shot of Gideon and me that proves two things. One I need a haircut and two, man do I have a big head, as my friend, George never fails to remind me. (Some of that is perspective. Honest.)


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2 responses to Bloggers in 3D

  1. Another thing that it shows is that Toronto is the center of the Canadian blogosphere.

  2. Ed, Not that I would ever want to disagree with you, but Toronto is actually the Centre of the Universe. And please note the correct spelling of Centre . ;-}


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