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kinnon —  August 2, 2006 — Leave a comment

Our once wildly urban friends, Harold and Dianne, have exchanged their urbanity for the wilds. In 2002, they moved from a Toronto loft to northern Southern Ontario, built a yurt and did their writing and art design with only occasional forays back to sanity to the city. At one point, their neighbourhood bears thought the yurt must contain food and ventured indoors – but came through the walls rather than a door. In response, Dianne’s artistic talent could be seen in the beautiful copper cladding the yurt sprouted – although said talent was not appreciated by now frustrated visiting bears.

The yurt was fun for a time, but Harold and Dianne are committed to their truly sub-urban living and have bought a piece of property on a little lake – and have begun building the home they designed together. (The yurt is now the dwelling of others.) They’re blogging their adventures.

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