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kinnon —  August 24, 2006 — Leave a comment

…just no time.

I’m up to my ears in editing and graphics creation. The HD editor I’m using has stopped recognizing the 1.2 TB drives attached to it – about 16 hours from the job being finished. (I drive back into the city in an hour for another half day getting it, hopefully, fixed.) The job began in February.

I’m about ready to pitch the editing system into the lake. (It’s not FCP, in case you’re wondering.) After Effects ticks along, pokily, on my PowerBook, creating Invigorator 3D graphics in HD.  (If all the planets are in alignment, then next week we place an order for a Mac Pro with 1.7 TB of on-board storage.)

Lyle Lovett sings Penguins in the background as I type this –  a little country swing playing on the iPod/Bose Sounddock combo to help alleviate the pressure of technological hell.

Regarding achievable ends, I’ve got about five half finished posts I’d love to finish. Some will be abandoned (as they’re time sensitive) and I may get around to finishing the others this weekend. That’s assuming we finish the electrical and panelling work we’re doing at the cottage – before our friends from the UK arrive here for a week’s visit, Saturday evening.

If you’re the praying type, you might want to ask for a little help for me and the tech geniuses who will be attempting to recover the drives for my loaner HD editing system. And if you’re not (the praying type) then maybe now would be a good time to begin. Repeat after me, "Lord, Bill Kinnon’s having some trouble…."

UPDATE: If you prayed, thank you. I’ve just received a phone call that the drives are back up – it was an "old firmware" issue. (Sounds like someone talking about me…nah…I think I’m more software.) And Steely Dan’s  2 Against Nature live DVD is now playing in the BG (I’m back in Toronto for another hour or so – and I’m blogging while I’m waiting…)

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