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kinnon —  August 13, 2006 — 1 Comment

This was a good week for Apple in my humble but correct opinion*. The Mac Pro is exceedingly attractive and I can’t wait for a good reason to order one (with two Terabytes of on-board storage no less). Leopard, the next release of Mac OS X, will be bring tears to Vista developers’ eyes.

MightymouseBut the first of the newer Apple products to grace a flat surface beside my computer will be the Wireless Mighty Mouse. I’ve been using a wired Mighty Mouse for the past week on a borrowed Intel iMac. And I love it. The 360º Scroll Ball just works – especially in programmes like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

ProgmightymsAnd the Scroll Ball also can be pressed to do whatever you programme. The laser tracks on any surface (or so it seems). Squeeze the sides and (in my setup) Exposé reveals the desktop. Press on the right side of the mouse and it does a right click – on the left and it does a left click.

I have never been a fan of Mac Mice. On almost everyone of my Macs, I’ve immediately replaced the Apple provided mouse with a MacAlly mouse. Not anymore. As soon as I’m back in the city, I’m wandering into the Mac Store and picking up a Wireless Mighty Mouse.

[I realized I hadn’t done a technology post in a while, and as my friend Harold – he of House Building Blog fame – prefers the tech sections of this blog, I figured it was time.]
[programme is the correct spelling of the world…so there!]
[* “humble but correct opinion” line stolen from Tom Wright]

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  1. Thanks for the tech tidbit, Bill. Much appreciated. I’m sorely tempted by the Mighty Mouse. Just to let you know how far behind the curve I am, though, I just ordered Tiger last week. Hope it’ll run on my getting-long-in-the-tooth 12″ PB.

    Thanks also for the mention of our blog. It’s been fun to put together…though tempting to abandon house construction in order to concentrate on making those images align…



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