Not Quite Fast Enough

kinnon —  August 1, 2006 — Leave a comment

I don’t have broadband on the island. And I’ve long suffered with old noisy phone lines that only give us 28.8K if we’re lucky. I finally decided to use the EDGE capabilities of my Sony Ericsson S710A phone, as a Bluetooth Modem for my PB. It’s definitely faster than dialup. Just. (Although it has been particularly quick for the past thirty minutes. Go figure. Of course, just as I typed that the modem kicked off the network and won’t let me back on without rebooting the phone and computer.)

There are rumours afoot (now isn’t THAT an odd expression) that we may have Broadband on the island by next year. And, as we are in-between Barrie and Newmarket which both have a new WiMaxx like service from Bell or Rogers, that coverage may well extend over the lake. It can’t happen soon enough.

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