OK, Now This Heat is Ridiculous

kinnon —  August 1, 2006 — 3 Comments

Today is the hottest day on record since the year of my birth. (1955, just in case you were asking.) Predicted high for the day is 99ºF. With the humidex it will feel like 123ºF. Yikes!!!! (For those of you confused by the heat in Toronto…which is typical in the summer. Toronto is well south of Portland, Oregon or Minneapolis, MN – around the same Latitude as Boise, Idaho.)

If Apple only made a waterproof computer, I’d be in the Lake with the sucker!

Little Feat do a song, There’s A Fat Man in The Bathtub (with the blues). Today, there’s a Fat Man in the Lake. No blues – but I will be cool. Not much editing, today.

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3 responses to OK, Now This Heat is Ridiculous

  1. We hit 113 last week. That claim its a dry heat, but it wasn’t that week. We were at 25-30% humidity, which is really humid for Fresno.


  2. Ken,
    I’m taking it that you’re not complaining about the weather. ‘Cuz I never listen when Californians complain about the weather. Now if you want to talk about the weather in Boise…

  3. I too, am a 1955 model, nice to know it was the hotest day.
    On Tuesday I was painting an UN-air-conditioned apartment bedroom for my son – the sweat was running down my legs, when I knelt [both to paint the baseboard & to pray that I would survive!] on the plastic drop sheet my knees would slide.


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