Perhaps I’m Just an Acquired Taste

kinnon —  August 15, 2006 — 4 Comments

Some folk (directly and indirectly) have challenged me to create a more focussed blog. One that “sticks to the point” whatever that point might be. I doubt it will ever happen.

Jason Kottke (via 37signals’ blog) describes his blog as an “Acquired Taste”.

“…the only unifying factor is I write about and link to whatever I find interesting. Not that I don’t focus mainly on a small groups of topics I’m interested in (technology, photography, food, design, economics, science, etc.) but the day-to-day or week-to-week focus varies widely. Which makes the site an acquired taste; you actually have to read it for a bit to get the gist.”

I don’t remotely have the audience that Jason has but I do identify with what he says. I write about and link to those things I find interesting. And my ADD driven brain is a little like a beagle on a gazillion scent trails. (Free the Beagle as the Wiz might say.)

I’ve also quit worrying about my readership stats. In fact, since returning from Kenya, I haven’t bothered to check my numbers at all (other than the occasional glance at my Technorati ranking). I write now when I want to, when something provokes me or when I find something I want to share. Of course, I write for an audience. I just no longer care about the size.

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4 responses to Perhaps I’m Just an Acquired Taste

  1. Don’t change. You are far more interesting by being interested in a wide variety of stuff. This criticism reminds me of something my oldest son said four or five years ago. He said, the Internet just doesn’t have the stuff it used to. Its all commercial now. Well, you are not commercial, and that makes you more interesting that those who are very predictable. I look for two things. One information that I don’t get elsewhere, and perspective that makes me think and provides me insight. My numbers aren’t large either. Do I lose sleep over it. No. Do I want more traffic? Yes. Am I willing to sacrifice what I love about blogging to comply with some emerging convention about blogging success? No. With success comes a responsibility to continue to do that which brought success. I’m not sure I want the success that bad. I’d rather measure my success by the stories of people whose lives have been changed becasue of something I wrote. That is what matters. Stay the course my friend.

  2. Thanks, Ed. I’m not sure I’d be able to change, even if I wanted to. I appreciate your friendship and advice.

  3. Keep writing what and how you want. People are much more interesting when they are really themselves. You know that!

  4. Repeat after me
    It’s My Blog and I’ll do what I want.
    [lather, rinse repeat]


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