Rebuke the Mayor – Get Asked to Leave Your Church

kinnon —  August 27, 2006 — 2 Comments

The CBC reports a rather interesting story of a pastoral response to Deborah Boschman’s letter to the editor,

…she was critical of Mayor Dave Burgess and city councillors for not doing more to draw new residents and visitors to the city. She suggested Brandon build a waterslide or family theme park to draw in visitors.

But on Aug. 15, nearly a week after her letter was published, Boschman received a letter from her Pentecostal church, the Bethel Christian Assembly.

In that letter, the pastor, Mike Davis, wrote that he read Boschman’s letter with “embarrassment” and claimed she had “dishonoured the mayor and city councillors.”

He added that her beliefs do not match those of his church, and suggested she go to another church.

The mayor had little problem with the letter to the editor,

“We certainly encourage people to express themselves; we think it’s their right to do so,” he said.

And Burgess said he did not take offence to Boschman’s comments.

Boschman askes an interesting question,

“Why can’t I have a voice? Why do I have to clear it with my church before I voice my private public opinion?

Ah the joys of the church “exercising authority.” Perhaps this type of authority should be exorcised, instead. (Pastor Davis might find the Bonhoeffer quote in the post below, enlightening – or not.)

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2 responses to Rebuke the Mayor – Get Asked to Leave Your Church

  1. This is another reason why the neocalvinist notion of ‘sphere sovereignty’ is helpful. While there are circumstances when a church can and should challenge its members with regard to their political views and expressions, the case you recount is remarkably misguided.

  2. Gideon,

    Would you unpack ‘sphere sovereignty’ for us.

    And perhaps a NeoCalvinism for Dummies might be helpful @ your blog. I’d be happy to link to it (and learn from it). I’ll even use the shot of Harry Spaling and I talking about you & NeoCalvinism while looking over the Rift Valley from Malu in Kenya. (Imbi took the picture unbeknownst to us.)


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