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kinnon —  August 10, 2006 — 1 Comment

Doc Searls blogs the airport response (at Boston’s Logan) to this morning’s British thwarting of a mass murder airline terrorist plot – to blow up 10 US-bound passenger planes. Doc blogs it as it happens – from the time he’s waiting to get through the security checkpoint to his arrival at the plane doors.

Reports say that there has been an ongoing investigation, in the U.K. and U.S., of a plot to explode up to ten aircraft, in flight, en route to the U.S.; and that investigators felt a need to “move quickly” in the last few hours.

They say laptops, iPods and other electronics (e.g. “electronic key fobs”) are not allowed now on outbound planes from the U.K. I think I got that right. I assume they’re talking about carry-on luggage here. People here at Logan are being told to check all their now-forbidden carry-on luggage.

The interesting thing for me is that I heard the news first from Doc – rather than a traditional source. As Doc himself notes, he was at “the leading edge of the news”.

Where I once would have begun the day by turning on the radio or TV to catch the news, I now log on through my EDGE modem to check RSS feeds. Doc’s report drove me to turn my TV on for the first time in weeks. (I’m up at our summer place – where we use an aerial to pick up TV signals. How quaint.) I’ve seen just about enough (the news has repeated twice in 20 minutes) and it’s time to turn the tube off. I’ll check for news updates on-line throughout the day.

(Doc suggested the red810 tag for stories related to the plot. Thus the title of the post.)

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  1. But won’t a plane ride in the hold kill my laptop?!


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