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kinnon —  August 24, 2006 — Leave a comment

I haven’t been visiting certain of my favourite blogs as I’ve been in no-broadband-land. I stopped by SLB today and the two most recent posts are worthwhile reads. The Northworst Northwest post is incredibly sad (but reminds me of certain leadership I’ve experienced) and the Bonhoeffer post is fabulous.

Trevor quotes Bonhoeffer from a 1933 address just two days after Hitler came to power:

The Leader must lead his followers towards a responsibility to the orders of life, a responsibility to father, teacher, judge, state. He must radically refuse to become the appeal, the idol, i.e. the ultimate authority of those whom he leads……

Leaders or offices which set themselves up as gods mock God and the individual who stands alone before him, and must perish.

Only the Leader who himself serves the penultimate and the ultimate authority can find faithfulness…

I can immediately think of a couple of people I’d like to read this – and yes, it applies to my own leadership style, as well.



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