The Winds, Two Islands & Technology

kinnon —  August 15, 2006 — 2 Comments


As I write the script for one of the two videos I’m working on, 40K winds whip across the lake from the west, waves battering this island and Fox Island, a mile to the north. Leaves snap furiously together, air whistling through tightly clustered branches. The occasional crack of birch branches succumbing to gravity at the wind’s insistence.

This seems to be one of the windiest Augusts ever – my anecdotal response to what we’ve experienced on Snake Island since the month began.

The interesting thing for me is how I communicate this to you. I walked down to the lake from the cottage with my Sony Ericsson S710A phone – and took the above picture. I then came back to the cottage and transferred the shot(s) via Bluetooth to my PowerBook. Mildly edited, and then sized and compressed in Photoshop, I’ve placed the image in an ecto built post. And using the EDGE capability of my phone, I’ve uploaded the post to my blog – using the phone as a Bluetooth modem.

And now back to paying work…

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2 responses to The Winds, Two Islands & Technology

  1. Is that lot 196, 197 and 198… I spent my childhood on Snake. I knew everybody in that area. Im pretty sure that looks like our cribbing with the marine railway. There used to be a white boat house it went into, And an old tree house in a birch tree (probably long gone) on the edge of the hill abutting the cribbing. There was a bunkie out back the house off to the left as you look at it from the front. Andersons were lot 191. Im hoping Im counting the right way for the lot numbers as Im guessing.. Sure looks like our old place. Id love to send you a picture of the old place as it was in 64 if Im right. And see one of it now 🙂 !

    • Chris,
      Check out We added the marine railroad when we bought the place 16 years ago. We sold the cottage last spring.


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