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In what is now only a few weeks, my eldest son, Liam, leaves home for his first year of post-secondary education. Liam graduated high-school in 2005 and took a gap year – a year to earn some cash and experience life from a very different (working) perspective. He begins Augustine College in Ottawa, the first week of September.

His younger brother, Rylan begins Victoria College, University of Toronto, the first week of September as well – having graduated from high school this past spring. (Ry’s spent the summer at a very tough job – he’s been a water taxi driver up here on the Lake. Real tough!) He will live at home while attending UofT.

We are impressed by and proud of both of our sons. And are taken aback at how rapidly (to us) they’ve grown into men. Their childhood seems only moments ago. Although we are not greatly worried for either of them, we are concerned that they get the most from their education.

Gideon Strauss’ blog pointed me at the zine, Comment, published by the Work Research Foundation, and the series, Making the most from college. (Gideon is Comment’s publisher.) From Gideon’s article – asking big questions

I am convinced that any attentive, thoughtful young adult will find big questions rising up within themselves. The following seven questions are important for all of life—and the college years offer a uniquely privileged setting in which to seriously consider them.
and his 7 questions:
What do I love? What do I believe? Where do I belong? Who am I? What hurt needs healing in the world? What potential waits to be realized? What is to be done? (
Read his response to each question.)

Making the most from college is a very good series. Calvin Seerveld writes, studying ourselves to life or death? and philosophy as schooled memory. Jeff Davis has a good article on writing with purpose. Read Michael Metzger’s heavy weights, big questions, and the public square. In fact, read all the articles @ Comment – whether you’re an old student like me or you’re just heading off to college with my two sons.

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  1. Good to hear that Liam and Rylan are doing well – was wondering what thier areas of study were. Give Rylan my congratulations for graduating. TTYL


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