Wondrous Weather

kinnon —  August 3, 2006 — 1 Comment

We islanders are often entertained by the weather. Storms race across the two and a half mile expanse from the lake’s western shore, as if to attack ours. (Snake Island sits at the top of Cook’s Bay on Lake Simcoe.) It can be quite beautiful..and sometimes a little scary. Last night, it was a little more than scary.

I jumped into the Lake around 6:00 to cool off and stayed in for more than an hour. Imbi and Kaili decided to kayak down the island’s western shore as the winds began to pick up from the south west. The winds brought them back almost as fast paddling as not. By 7:30 the winds were roaring directly from the west. Two meter waves crashed over our dock. Multiple downspouts attempted to form over the lake.

North of us, by Fox Island, a cabin cruiser fought the winds – its bow hammered by the waves. We watched, transfixed on the shore – until the winds and driving rain forced us into the cottage. Trees swayed crazily in the gale force winds. A large oak and a cedar came down on our neighbours property. The cedar just missing their cottage.

By 9:30, the winds had died down. The skies were now being illuminated by gorgeous flashes of intracloud lightning. Two police boats raced up the lake, their blue flashers adding to the lighting effects. They stopped about a mile north of us and appeared to be searching for something. News reports today told of multiple boating distress signals on Lake Huron. Had their been one on our Lake?

What boaters were even doing on the Lake when there had been severe storm warnings all afternoon, is beyond me. The weather might be wondrous, but it can quickly turn deadly.

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  1. Nice! I hope it’s this grand in Buffalo!


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