A House Memo

kinnon —  September 5, 2006 — 1 Comment

In case you missed the memo, House begins tonight. The favourite TV show of the entire Kinnon family seems to have come back early (which probably means an extended break in the middle of the season) but we aren’t complaining. Tonight at 8pm on Global in Canada and Fox in the States. If you haven’t yet experienced the addiction, it isn’t too late. Watch it.

UPDATE: Hope you didn’t miss it. It was great. House, as tortured as ever…even if he can walk without a cane. I love this show.(Although, as Imbi said, it wasn’t their best show ever – not a particularly strong season opener. And what’s with Cameron’s hair???)

UPDATE 2: But if you (Liam) did miss the premiere, my favourite sister-in-law points out that Fox (Murdoch does get the internet) has Recaps available on the site. Most excellent. UPDATE 2A – Now that I’m back in Broadband Land, I realize these are written synopsis’s – not video…oh, well.

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  1. For some reason, this doesn’t surprise me. Its our family’s favorite too. Along with King of the Hill. Poor Hank. The beleaguered everyman/nobleman. I think House would understand.


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