Anne Graham Lotz in Toronto

kinnon —  September 25, 2006 — 1 Comment

A number of posts ago, I mentioned Anne Graham Lotz in context of being the best Graham preaching example of a successor to Billy Graham, her father. Last night at church, I saw a promo for her “revival” event at the Air Canada Centre this coming weekend.

Now, I’m not likely to attend the event and struggle with the “revivalistic” language. But there was something in the promo that I found disturbing. It was Anne’s reciting of the famous Dr. S.M. Lockridge sermon, “That’s My King.” The video inadvertently suggested this was Anne’s own material. The edited response of the crowds seemed to reinforce this.

Imbi and I were both taken aback by its use. Our friend John, sitting behind me, commented on preferring the Lockridge version – although he wouldn’t have been able to name the preacher. I responded that Anne’s version was “a little to white for my liking.”

Perhaps I’m overreacting. It wouldn’t be the first time. But the way the material was used in the promo troubles me.

A couple of years ago, Igniter Media did an interesting video, based on the original Lockridge sermon.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the link to the MP3 – and linked to the post you can find it in, rather than directly to the file. Apologies to The Harvest Holler.

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  1. Bill –
    The link to the MyKing mp3 doesn’t work as you intend – you might want to check it out.




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