Bitten by Content Thieves

kinnon —  September 22, 2006 — 8 Comments


Perhaps I should be flattered…but I think not.

Last night I discovered that achievable ends is being republished by a Spanish based organization, Bitacle. Now Bitacle would have you believe they are just an RSS aggregator. Hardly. They take content, add Google Adwords to it and republish it. Yes, the title is a link to the original post – but no where on their page do they publish the fact that this is an RSS feed from ae. They are simple republishing my material (or whomever else they rip off) and adding ads to it in an attempt to monetize other people’s creative content.

It will be interesting to see if I get a response from Google Adwords. (20 hours later, no comment yet.)I wrote to them this morning to complain. I’ll keep you posted.

BTW: My content is protected under a Creative Commons Canada License with Some Rights Reserved.

UPDATE: It’s rather funny to see this post on their stolen content blog.

UPDATE 2: Read the comments – especially the Head Lemur’s.

UPDATE 3: Now these guys are at least posting only a clip of the post – and linking to this blog. Although they are using it as a way to generate Adsense traffic for their ads. Still rather tacky. But that would be the Interweb, now wouldn’t it.

UPDATE 4: I must be one of the Head Lemur’s 28 readers as Alan posts further advice regarding in how to deal with the charming sploggers like Bitacle.

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8 responses to Bitten by Content Thieves

  1. Good luck with that fight. I have some useful information about how to block sploggers like Bitacle on my blog. It’s WordPress-oriented, but there are links to follow with information that might be useful for MT users, too.

  2. been there done that.
    google splogger john bransford
    8 episodes 2 intermissions and a finale

    bitacle is up 14446 Blogs as of this posting.

  3. And I thought I was special…

  4. Bitacle is all over my site. I haven’t spent any time trying to figure out who/what it was – thanks for the info 🙂

  5. Here is a new piece that may help
    link to

  6. I do believe that the only way to avoid sploggers is to write in Vulcan about stuff so obscure that even Spock would scratch his head. If there is no market, there are no ads to connect to it, and not reason to steal. Then again, I wonder what Tony Soprano would do?

  7. I thought I WAS writing in Vulcan. You mean this is English????

  8. For WordPress users which do not want to see their posts on bitacle together with an license text and lots of advertisment, I modified an existing WordPress plugin to block bitacle. It is a hack, but it is the solution that help me at the moment.

    You can download the modified plugin from my (german) blog at

    link to

    At the bottom of my post there is a short text in english language to make my hack as useful as possible for other bloggers.


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