Driving to Ottawa

kinnon —  September 2, 2006 — 4 Comments

We are about to climb into the almost packed SUV and take Liam to Ottawa to begin Augustine College. It is truly amazing at how much stuff one musically inclined young man can take with him to school.

We are busy muttering and grumping at each other as our wonderfully "organized" son looks for things that should have been found weeks (if not months, ago). Our on-edge attitudes, thin disguises for the pain of having our oldest leave home to begin his post-secondary education.

Tears were shed late last evening by his siblings as he left the dock at our summer place to return to the city to attempt to finish packing.

Tonight, we arrive at his home in Ottawa. Tomorrow, we return to our summer place – sadder but proud of the fine young man who begins the next phase of life’s great adventure.

UPDATE: Got Liam to his residence around 10pm this evening – after driving five hours through near torrential downpours. (Imbi did most of the driving.) Augustine is a small college – normally the class is under 20. This year it’s under ten. Further proof that Small is the New Big.

Liam is sharing a house with two guys named Dave – one from north of T-Dot and the other from Oregon. Seem like good guys. And they both play music – so it should be a jammin’ household.

We’ve checked into an executive hotel a couple of miles from the boys (got a good deal at hotels.ca) and I’m logged into TypePad.

An interesting aside – our friends from England who spent the week with us on Snake Island were dropped at the Toronto Airport this afternoon by us. They are spending the night in Washington, D.C before heading home to Surrey. We are in our nation’s capitol, Ottawa. Perhaps only Imbi and I find that interesting.



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4 responses to Driving to Ottawa

  1. An old friend of mine, greg bloomquist teaches some at Augustine College.

  2. Cool.

    You and I should try to grab a coffee at some point, Michael. I’m in the Waterloo area on a semi-regular basis as I do some production work for a local high tech company.

  3. Took a look at the courses and reading list for Augustine College. Sounds like a well-rounded and interesting set of courses and topics. Enjoy!

  4. Bill
    we should do that coffee sometime when you are in KW


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