Joseph Suh reviews A Networked Conspiracy

kinnon —  September 21, 2006 — 2 Comments

Joseph Suh, of, has reviewed my short audio book, A Networked Conspiracy, at Amazon. In an act of shameless self-promotion, I’ve copied it here.

A must-read for church leaders, August 28, 2006
Reviewer: Joseph Suh (San Jose, Ca)
A thorough examination into how our postmodern culture and the social web are crossing at this point in time, both in parallel and in series. It is a well-researched work designed to explain our changing online world to internet novices, yet insightful to Web 2.0-savvy bloggers. With the perspective of someone who has worked for 30 years in old media and was an early adopter to new media, Bill Kinnon applies the paradigm shift in the secular world to lessons that the church must heed in order to stay relevant and effective.

The author is not shy in pointing out the remarkable analogies between the Protestant Reformation and the “Postmodern Reformation.” He backs this claim up with compelling facts, stories, and trends. Anecdotes that we are familiar with, but packaged in such a way that you draw the same conclusion that he does: that the world is rapidly changing and that the church must seize the opportunity to be a part of this new world.

This book should be required reading (or listening) to all church leaders, as it will change the way ministry is viewed and run. I recommend referencing the published transcript while listening to the audio CD. When the author is reading quotes, it can be ambiguous to decipher if he’s speaking in first person or third. Other than that minor issue, it is an entertaining and informative read/listen.

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2 responses to Joseph Suh reviews A Networked Conspiracy

  1. Bill, thats not shameless self-promotion. Shameless would be me mentioning that gave an outstanding review 🙂

    I’ve listened to the book 3 times now. Each time, I pick up new nuggets of info I previously missed. DJ Chuang was the one who pointed me to you a few months ago, and I thank him for that connection!



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