Leadership as Gardening

kinnon —  September 8, 2006 — Leave a comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Taylor earlier this summer in Boise, Idaho. A wonderful sense of humour, speedy wit and a mind that explores the mysteries of the universe – the kind of leader who makes a good teacher. You can read the impact on his teaching in this post from one of his students, Joce @ Bible College – which has been published in The Officer, the Salvation Army publication.

Gardening is incessant in it’s endless transitions. It is never stagnant, and if it is; it is probably dead! There seems always to be something needing care. Lawns need mowing, and pesky weeds appear randomly. Moths and caterpillars eat the precious new shoots and sometimes it seems the plants themselves try to crowd out each other. Unattended it never stays ‘tidy and in order for long”.

And yet the mystery of this complex ecosystem of life is in itself, a small miracle. No two are alike. Bursts of surprising beauty emerge in corners we least expect. Plants reproduce themselves in clusters of self propagated seedlings. Trees grow strong and deep producing shelter and shade for other plants surrounding them, as if to protect them from the fierce elements of storm. This fragile yet robust community defies the elements, sometimes even made stronger by them – withstanding extreme temperatures, careless damage and fickle feeding-sometimes over watering or under feeding. As a gardener, the charge is simply to serve the garden in it’s care and random growth spurts.

Do head off and read the entire post – or grab a copy of The Officer.

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