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kinnon —  September 29, 2006 — 2 Comments

I took a few moments Thursday evening and Friday to watch a bit of Amanda’s new blog (her interview with Jeff Jarvis) and to watch Scoble’s interview with Jonathan Schwartz (and a few minutes of his Photowalking posts.) If I wasn’t so flu-filled, I’d give you a better take on the video blogs – but…I’m not particularly impressed. Robert, I just love the framing of the umbrella crank in the Schwartz video. The Photowalking videos are kind of interesting – but way too long.

It’s great that Amanda’s team is shooting with multiple cameras – but shaky cam is so nineties – and what’s with the 16×9 intercut with 4×3?

Of course, I could be just grumpy because of my cold…but I don’t think so.

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2 responses to Video Blogs – Congdon and Scoble

  1. Yeah, you’re grumpy.
    Amanda’s project is a ROAD TRIP.
    The idea is content, not production value.

  2. Oh. I get it. When you do a ROAD TRIP, you don’t need to worry about production values. I’d never read that in the MANUAL. Thanks for dropping in and GIVING ME A CLUE.

    – Grumpy in Toronto


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