Brad Mehldau, k.d. lang and the Barenaked Ladies

kinnon —  October 24, 2006 — 2 Comments

One of the great things about having had our English friend Christopher here is our mutual joy in music. Christopher, Imbi and I have loved much the same music since we met in the early 80’s. (Although both Christopher and Imbi have advanced Classical Music taste-buds, that I don’t share with them.) We had turned Christopher onto Lunch at Allen’s* (a Marc Jordan, Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan project) and Mike Janzen. I also highly recommended the new Barenaked Ladies project, “Barenaked Ladies Are Me (Deluxe Edition)” which is the first album in recent memory that Imbi has liked on first hearing. It’s a Kinnon favorite.

Christopher turned us on to the amazing Jazz pianist, Brad Melhdau – recommended to him by the family piano teacher. (Christopher is one of those people who can play almost anything he hears on piano or guitar.) The Metheny Meldhau album with Pat Metheny is fantastic. And we are thoroughly enjoying the Mehldau album, Places.

Christopher also introduced us to a recording that we should have had in our collection, k.d. lang’s Hymns of the 49th Parallel. This tribute to great Canadian songwriting features a beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – a must have in anyone’s collection.

My only issue with the Mehldau, BNL and lang recordings was that I purchased them on iTunes – and it is a pain in the posterior region to get them into my Walkman musicphone. (Requires a little DRM circumvention – what a pain!) But they do “kill” playing back from the iPod on our Bose SoundDock.

*Lunch at Allen’s was named after Marc, Ian and Murray’s regular attendance at one of my favorite Danforth eateries, John Maxwell’s Allen’s Restaurant. Great food, an amazing selection of beer and friendly staff on my favorite street in the city. A pint of Guinness would go down well right now.

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2 responses to Brad Mehldau, k.d. lang and the Barenaked Ladies

  1. Bill, thanks for the song recommendations.

    k.d. lang’s Hymns of the 49th Parallel is a favorite of mine as well.

    I was in a Barnes & Noble looking at books and I heard her version of Hallelujah and was stunned by the interpretation.

    Bought the CD that day and often listen.

    Always love the way your generous spirit adds to the blogosphere!

  2. Bill,

    I am a recent Barenaked Ladies convert. I have the new album and I have obtained most of their past work via Ebay.

    As a Christian I wonder what some of my fundmentalist family thinks of my muisc: Goo Good Dolls, Barenaked Ladies, New Pornographers. πŸ™‚

    I use a Slimserver Squeezebox connected to my stereo/computer via a router with all my music ripped as mp3’s. Great sound.

    Since I was deprived of music during my fundamentalist years I am learning about alot of groups/styles rather late in life. I am amazed at how many different varieties of music is available.



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