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Get in the Way of the Church being The Church.

I am specifically looking at what we find and can study the “church” was like in it’s vintage form, and what we have added and developed throughout the history of the church that which we created. I am not a “house church only” advocate by any means. I believe in large church meetings. We have “pastors” in our church. We also “teach” (which most woud probably call “preach”) every week for 30-40 minutes. But I am wondering more about what we produce whether house, small, or large church and how we do things and why we do what we do, when there isn’t any biblical basis for most of what we do (in method and style and format). How we define “church” for people by what we do and how it can get in the way of the church being the church. I am very interested in seeing what the “fruit” of our churches is – ingrown and critical, outward and shallow, felt-needs and consumer. Are we creating worshiping, loving, missional Christians who are the church or do we create people who “go to church” and they may not even know any difference.

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