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This post is really aimed at my sons as they both read this blog. But I know there are other musicians and recordists who will find this software very interesting.

Ardour appears to be a killer Open Source Digital Audio Workstation that even SSL supports*. It runs on Linux or OSX. From the Ardour site:

Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-linear, non-destructive region based editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation support, a mixer whose capabilities rival high end hardware consoles, lots of plugins to warp, shift and shape your music, and controllable from hardware control surfaces at the same time as it syncs to timecode. If you’ve been looking for a tool similar to ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, Digital Performer, Samplitude or Sequoia, you might have found it.

*SSL’s support is interesting as they are now owners of Soundscape, my favorite DAW. owns both a Soundscape system and a Nuendo system (which the boys use for Substance over Style, 98% of the time.)
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