Getting Real

kinnon —  October 26, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’ve spoken about 37Signals Book, Getting Real, a number of times on a.e. It’s now available in two more flavours – a free HTML version and a $29 paperback version. (I bought and read it as a pdf.)

Getting Real is the “Small is the new Big” of software development. But there is so much more in the book that applies to team work, leadership, creativity. (Check out the Chapter – Ignore Details Early On – as a good example.)

I thought the book was worth it at $19 as a pdf. (It’s now available as a pdf 10 pack for $49 – so you can share it with your own team.) The Lulu self-published paperback is great for those people who need a hard copy (even if it is $29) and the HTML version is, well, free.

Check it out!

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