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This isn’t a post on the tools I use for Time Management*, but rather me telling you what I’m doing to maximize my time in terms of how I use the "interweb". (And speaking of speed, remember that the official Firefox 2.0 is released this evening. I’ve been using a prerelease version, and love its speed.)

I commented on Robert Scoble’s post about the challenges of the Internet Video Business. Scoble is putting a lot of video material online at his new gig with My problem is that I have little time to view the content – figuring I have about 15 minutes a day max to watch vlogs (on any kind of regular basis). Scoble promises to meet my needs by producing a highlights version of the PodTech videos – giving me the opportunity to sample before I commit any more time to viewing.

One of the problems for an information junkie like me is the amount time I can waste spend reading the feeds in my RSS reader. I used to use Sage in Firefox, but this was too slow. I moved to NetNewsWire with its NewsGator integration, but even this wasn’t fast enough. Now I’m using Google’s Reader and am a happy camper (turned on to it by the rave reviews from the Scoble Bunny.). I’ve cut my blog reading time down to about 25% of what it was – Google does a fabulous job of marking posts read as I scan them – and I can easily star any posts I want to go back to. And it doesn’t matter what platform I’m on (I normally have both a Mac and PC open on the three LCD monitors on my desk).

GooglereadersettingsIf you’re already using an RSS reader, then switching to Google Reader is simple. Just export an OPML file from your present reader and import it into Google Reader. If you aren’t using an RSS reader, want to, and are wondering what I waste spend my time reading – you can download my recent OPML file of feeds and check it out for yourself. And if you’re wondering about the diverse nature of what I read, remember I am a member of the ADD club.

Download MySubscriptions.opml (47.4K)

*My net based Time Management Tools include Gmail, Google Calendar, 37Signals Backpack, Basecamp and Writeboard. And I can’t wait to play with Scrybe.

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