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kinnon —  October 6, 2006 — 1 Comment

Some days your favorite bloggers just seem to read your mail. Kathy Sierra describes in detail an experience we had earlier this millennium. She just doesn’t realize she is talking about us…

Before you get there. “We need you to help us get to the next level. We’ll have a blast getting there together.” When you get there. “You just need to learn our culture and see how we do things.” Why hire race horses when what you want are robots?

As Kathy explains:

Why Robots Are the Best Employees

1) They don’t challenge the status quo

2) They don’t ask those uncomfortable questions

3) They’re 100% obedient

4) They don’t need “personal” days.

5)… because they don’t have a personal life

6) They never make the boss look bad (e.g. stupid, incompetent, clueless, etc.)

7) They dress and talk the way you want them to

8) They have no strongly-held opinions

9) They have no passion, so they have nothing to “fight” for

10) They are always willing to do whatever it takes (insane hours, etc.)

11) They are the ultimate team players

12) They don’t complain when you micromanage (tip: micromanaging is in fact one of the best ways to create a robot)

13) They don’t care what their workspace is like, and don’t complain if they don’t have the equipment they need

14) They’ll never threaten your job

15) They make perfect scapegoats

16) They get on well with zombies

Make a point of reading the whole thing @ Kathy’s blog. Her writing is wonderful – her graphics, simply fabulous.

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