Leo Laporte @ Wycliffe College

kinnon —  October 4, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’m off to hear Leo Laporte of TWiT fame at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. (The Evangelical Anglican college in UofT’s Toronto School of Theology – where my dear wife, Imbi, is working on her M.TS.) Leo’s going to discuss the impact of podcasting and new media on the church. As a semi-regular listener to TWiT (This Week in Tech), I’m a little surprised that Leo would make time for this. Good for him. (He comes across as a great guy on TWiT – just exceedingly busy – and I wouldn’t expect Church to part of his purview.)

Hopefully I won’t be coughing through the entire evening. I’ll attempt to write a report afterwards.

UPDATE: Leo was great. The crowd was shockingly small – which made it easy to converse. I’ll write more when my brain and throat hurt less.

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