Microfinance & A Nobel Prize

kinnon —  October 15, 2006 — 1 Comment

I wrote about Microfinance almost a year ago, here and here – discussing this book, Good Business. It was good to see that Muhammed Yunus of Bangladesh, mentioned in the book, has won a Nobel prize for his pioneering efforts in Microfinance.

Mr Yunus, 66, said he would use the 10m Swedish kronor ($1.35m, £730,000) prize money to “find more innovative ways” to help the poor launch businesses.

He said he was delighted at the news and proud of the bank’s achievement.

“I’m very very happy. It’s a great honour for us and for Bangladesh. It’s a recognition of our work,” he told the BBC Bengali service.

“As a Bangladeshi, I’m proud that we have given something to the world. Our work has now been recognised by the whole world. “

Brother Maynard pointed me to Radical Congruency and this post by Justin.

It could be argued that Muhammad Yunus has done more to alleviate poverty than the Republican party, the Democractic party, and the evangelical church in America. It’s sustainable, it’s easy, and you can do the same thing.

I briefly mentioned Kiva in my post from last year – in response to a Seth Godin post. Justin shows how we all can get behind this initiative. I’ll be adding a Kiva graphic link in my sidebar later today. You should also check out MixMarket, which I mentioned in my first post last October.

Kiva - loans that change lives

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  1. If you are excited by the prospects of using microcredit to end world poverty, please consider joining the grassroots citizens advocacy group for ending poverty called RESULTS. http://www.RESULTS.org. RESULTS believes that it is important for regular citizens to participate in their democratic governments by lobbying for greater funding of anti-poverty mechanisms such as microcredit lending. Contact them for a group in your area or contact me at [email protected] for help. Thanks.


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