More Mavericks at Work Virus Spreading

kinnon —  October 15, 2006 — 2 Comments

Tom Peters recognizes the authors of Mavericks at Work as Cool Friends – and points at this ChangeThis Manifesto from Taylor and Labarre. Go download it (for free) – it’s a good read. (You can read more about the book and authors via my previous post.)

Good quote from the Manifesto:

Nobody is as smart as everybody.
If you believe, as we do, that behind every maverick company is a set of distinctive and disruptive ideas, then the obvious question is: Where do great ideas come from? The answer is: They can come from anywhere in the world, and anyone in the world, if you’re smart enough to ask.

This is a big change. Business leaders used to assume that if they were in charge, they were supposed to have all the answers: the boss did the thinking, the troops did the work. When it came to generating ideas, if you were the CEO, or the head of a business unit, or the leader of a team, you were, by definition “the smartest person in the room”—whatever room you happened to be sitting in.

That’s the old world of innovation. The new world of innovation is built on the principle that “nobody is as smart as everybody.” (Page 7-8)

Labarre and Taylor blog here. (Beware – the blog design is uglythe green is killing me – but the content is great.)

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  1. Bleh. Those colors remind me of the packaging for scouring powder for the kitchen sink.

  2. Yah, but at least the kitchen sink looks better when you’re done – their blog is still…


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