Random Links for a Rainy Saturday in Toronto

kinnon —  October 28, 2006 — 1 Comment

It’s been almost a week using Google Reader (see this post) and I’m even more impressed with its speed and power. My blog reading time has been cut by almost 75% – while still scanning the same number of blogs. And I’ve begun to use Google’s home page as my launch page. It would appear that the net is becoming my primary OS – with Google becoming my largest provider of net based software. The EPIC continues.

Oh, and if you haven’t updated to Firefox 2.0 yet, get moving – it’s restore closed tab function alone is worth the upgrade (Shift-Command-Tab on the Mac), but there are a lot of great new features.

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  1. Firefox 2.0 is crashing frequently on my new iMac. It’s forced a shift to Camino. Anyone with a similar issue or an idea what might be happening, I’m eager to try anything.


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