Scrybe – Very Interesting Off & On-line AJAX Time Management

kinnon —  October 21, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’ve become a Google Calendar aficionado (even though I still love 37Signals Backpack and am excited by coming upgrades) but the AJAX-powered Scrybe looks very interesting – and very powerful – especially with it’s ability to work in off-line mode. And it’s ThoughtPad section looks exceedingly usable. Rob Hyndman calls Scrybe “a gorgeous interface” and he’s right. Watch the video. Sign up for the Beta. [HT: Scoble.]

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One response to Scrybe – Very Interesting Off & On-line AJAX Time Management

  1. The video preview is very impressive. I love the part where he talks about small, unkown companies while there are logos of Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc. in the background. We’ll see if they can back up that bark with a bite.


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