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kinnon —  October 13, 2006 — 2 Comments

Imbi and I went to church last night. Little Trinity. For a concert. With Steve Bell and Adrian Plass.

Adrianplass BwPlass is not a musician. He didn’t sing. Nor dance. Nothing to do with music at all. Occasionally, he was joined on stage by his beautiful wife, Bridget. And for just under an hour they had us laughing uproariously. Is that appropriate in a church?

I’ve been an Adrian Plass fan for years. His books have caused great gales of mirth to explode from my insides. And one book (A Smile on the Face of God) caused me to weep. A number of times. Rather embarrassing, actually. But I shall read it again.

Imbi, Liam and I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian a couple of years ago when he was last in Toronto. After a solo event at Brookstone, he joined us for coffee on Bloor St – where we were kicked out of the first restaurant we attempted to patronize. The 2nd seated it us gladly and has become a favourite. He is a delightful raconteur and a generous man.

StevecommentSteve Bell is a gifted guitar player and singer. I’ve heard him a couple of times and have a few of his CDs. He’s almost as funny a story-teller as Adrian. The best word Imbi and I could find to describe him is “winsome.” He was joined last night by Mike Janzen on piano*. Mike is a virtuoso…and just happens to play every Sunday night at Little Trinity. He has played with Steve for a number of years (they are both from Winnipeg), but this was the only night he will be with Steve on this tour – he’s busy preparing for Steve’s concert with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. They were wonderful together. And it was a great evening.

The evening was sponsored by World Vision – and Adrian, Bridgett and Steve made impassioned pleas for support for that good work.

There are 15 dates left on the tour that will take Adrian, Bridget and Steve across Canada. If you have the chance, go see them. Your smile and laughter muscles will appreciate the work out. And World Vision could use your support.


*Mike’s Jazz Trio album is fabulous. Give it a listen, here. Or check it out it at the iTunes store. I’m sure a copy would be appropriate for your collection.

And check out and purchase Steve Bell’s material at iTunes, as well. We’ve just purchased this album there.

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2 responses to Steve Bell & Adrian Plass

  1. I love Adrian’s books. I have a friend from England who introduced them to me.

    You have me curious… why did you get kicked out!?

  2. They claimed they were closed (before 10pm on a Friday night on Bloor St). But I really think they were mad because we put two tables together and in the process a small carafe of balsamic dressing crashed to the ground. They weren’t interested in our business, recompense for the fallen dressing – or anything. They just wanted us out. Then. And there!

    We went next door to Via Olivetto. And have been back numerous times since. Their loss. Via Olivetto’s (and our) gain.


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