Steve Rubel on Crowdsourcing Creative

kinnon —  October 17, 2006 — Leave a comment

Steve has a new column in Ad Age on Crowdsourcing Creative (you can read it on his blog):

Crowdsourcing was first coined by Wired Magazine earlier this year. It’s a process where businesses faced with tough challenges don’t try to come up with all of the answers themselves. They tap into the collective wisdom of millions of amateurs around the world to come up with a solution. Naturally, this is enabled through digital technology. For example, Procter and Gamble researchers post about their particular research challenges on, offering rewards to hobbyists and amateur scientists who come up with the best solution. And they do.

This syncs with the Labarre/Taylor quote I highlighted two days ago that includes:

The new world of innovation is built on the principle that “nobody is as smart as everybody.”

The Power of Collective Intelligence – or the Power of Us – has the ability to revolutionize how we get things done. Good leaders are beginning to understand that not only do they not have all the answers, they often don’t have any. But the answers are available to them if they can be humble enough to crowdsource creative.

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