Third Gravitating Bodies

kinnon —  October 16, 2006 — 4 Comments

According to the Wizard of Ads, every hit song, show, book or movie has an element of delight, a strange attractor, something that draws you in without you even knowing it – it’s called a Third Gravitating Body. It took a couple of days in the Magical Worlds course to come to a basic understanding of the concept. But if you’re watching Heroes on NBC, Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka) and his partner are the Third Gravitating Body in that series. Just in case you were wondering.

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4 responses to Third Gravitating Bodies

  1. OK. Third Gravitational Bodies. Is this simply asymetrical order, or a disruptive presence that is unexpected? Is it a matter of a disproportional element that doesn’t quite fit, yet is either strangely compelling or frightening. Are we talking sublimination messages? I have not watched Heroes. Could you describe how Hiro and his partner are Third Gravitational Bodies?
    Are we talking about the transition point from disorder to order made visible in the story? Is this a literary device that is used to change the focus of the story from what was expected (set up at the beginning)to something different, and the point of the story? You’ve intrigued me.

  2. OK, Ed. First, did you have your Wheaties this morning or what? I really should have a cup of coffee before I respond. But anyway…

    Here is your assignment. Go listen to James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. Report the instrument that becomes dominant by the end of the song. Tell me if you ever really noticed it before.

  3. Cello.
    OK. I have to ask.
    Are there First and Second Gravitational Bodies?
    I understand delight and strange attractors.
    I’ve not seen Heroes so I can’t related to that, but what about House, MD. Where’s the Third Gravitational Body or Bodies there?
    I also get the feeling that I don’t want to really know becasue I don’t want to watch Jack Nicholson in The Departed looking for 3GBs.
    Help us out, please.

  4. Dear Ed: Sorry for being Bold, but you should go Wizard Academy and find what 3GB is for yourself, you won´t regret it!, it´s a life-changing event.


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