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This weekend has been a treat for us. Our friend, Christopher, has been here from England for the weekend (after attending a legal conference in Toronto) and we’ve had a fabulous time of conversation and city wandering. Last night, part of that wandering led us to ViVetha Bistro – a short walk from where we are living (however briefly) in Toronto’s Beach area.

Vi Vetha is not particularly a large restaurant – perhaps seating thirty guests. And it is not a restaurant that you can easily expect to find a table as a walk-in customer. We attempted that last week and were unsuccessful. Reservations are a must. The restaurant was opened by the former chef at Nevada – a previous Beach favourite of ours – and he is one of the reasons Vi vVetha has become as popular as it has.

We arrived last evening a few minutes before our reservation and were promptly seated at one of two window tables. Service was smooth and efficient. Christopher chose a fabulous bottle of Italian wine, Cesari Amarone, that we thoroughly enjoyed. (Imbi is not a wine imbiber, but thought the wine smelt wonderful – and liked the small sip she took.) Christopher and I both had soup – his a wonderful mushroom with asiago, and mine, cream of asparagus with asiago and bacon – both fabulous. Imbi had a good caesar salad. We all enjoyed our entrees. Christopher loved his Teriyaki Salmon (encrusted with sesame seeds), Imbi, her Veal Scaloppine and I, my steak Filet special. The food was fabulous, the service excellent and the evening, a great success.

VivethaOne of the great pleasures of living in a small city (the Greater Toronto Area is only about 6 million people) is running into old friends. Last night was particularly fun.

As we briefly waited for our table, an old friend of ours joined the queue right behind us – her husband joining her as soon as he’d parked the car. Mark and Lynne have been friends for years – but we haven’t seen them as often as we would have liked. (I did do lunch with Mark earlier this year at another Toronto favourite, Via Oliveto.)

Mark and I have worked together often in the past 25 years. He is a gifted sound-man, who has also worked as a producer. We travelled the country together in 1984 when we did the Pope Tour for CBC. He and Lynne ended up being seated at the other window table – right behind me – as the picture that Christopher took with my Sony Ericsson phone camera shows. (Mark wanted the picture deleted. I told him it would end up on my blog.) Mark was off for a week’s production work north of the city, after their meal. But we did manage to book a meal together at ViVetha in a couple of weeks. I do love Toronto!

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