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kinnon —  November 16, 2006 — 5 Comments

Boise has been busier than I expected. Thus the quietness here @ achievable ends. I’m about to start shooting with a couple of Sony HVR-Z1U HDV cameras. The final product from these shoots will be up at Allelon by the beginning of February. (Actually a new book video will be up at YouTube before that.) Stay tuned.

AND: Stay tuned for achievable media, coming in December – where Bill’s focus on media & technology will find it’s new home.

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5 responses to A Quiet Blog

  1. I guess it wasn’t to be so quiet after all.

  2. I prefer the canon xl h1 HD camera, you can put the thing on your shoulder if need be. to me it feels more like a production camera than a really high end camcorder. And, I’ll admit, I’m a canon fan boy. But I guess there is that pesky $4000 price difference.

  3. Scott, the XL H1 is a gorgeous camera. I love the fact you can genlock cameras, that you can output 1080i uncompressed HD and that interchangeable lens are offered. But I can have almost two of the Sony’s for 1 XL H1…

    And Li, I spent a chunk of the day waiting around – and used that time to blog.

  4. Yup, its a sweet and pricy camera. I got to demo it and the sony about a month ago. Both quite nice.

  5. indeed


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